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From 15 May 2018 InnoWork community, and the first coworking space in Targu Mures, will be relocating to a new location (Romulus Guga,  nr 1, Targu Mures), along with our main partners Gloobus (for space) and Mobila Dalin (for furniture).

Check on the map the new location!

We would like to thank all our wonderful members, volunteers, partners, sponsors, ambassadors, and advocates over these 2 years, who made the first entrepreneurial physical hub possible and we are looking forward to the ones to come. 

Back in June 2016 as we opened the doors to InnoWork we wanted an inspiring home for our own entrepreneurs and startups, rather than a standard office, coffee shops or our home’s couch. We wanted to engage with the emerging startup ecosystem in Targu Mures, to hang out with our peers, and to be inspired by other founders with great ideas, breath-taking skills, and high energy. We believed that what you call home for your startup should be much more than a desk and a chair, but rather the best possible platform for success.

Since there was no place on the local market already that matched our needs, we did what entrepreneurs do best; we simply make it happen. But yes, it wasn’t that simple because we needed to sign an expensive agreement to get the keys to the first home, but we did it, held our breath, and…. and on the road we met new partners and a new home as well. And yet, the time has come again when we need a new space to continue with this vision.

We at InnoWork, truly feel that we do something meaningful and worthwhile every day: we provide the best possible home for entrepreneurs and freelancers, digital startups and the local community. We build bridges. We are not-for-profit from Day 1, and have been ever since. For, us it is all about being part of the tech community, and for a long time, we were a rare opportunity to have a truly meaningful place to go to work.

Fast-forward to today, the landscape is different. Our community has grown. It is in this context that we have made the decision to increase the coworking space, to acommodate small teams from 4 to up to 8 persons as well, also come with a much larger conference room to host our events, with up to 50 seats. When looking at how to continue to serve our ever-growing community in Targu Mures, we had to look hard at the community’s needs and less on our use of the local real estate.

We have incredible appreciation and respect for our partners and our members and their involvement in our founding and continued growth. We have many other activities going on at InnoWork, and we will continue to be part of the startup ecosystem in Targu Mures and Romania. For the local community, we will continue doing what we have been doing all along – hosting events, startup stories, community meetups, hackathons, chats, and panels.

Thanks for an amazing adventure to all of you! Your visions, dreams, hopes, and inspirations have been the driving force behind InnoWork amazing team. And we are sure you will continue to thrive and move the world forward from our new home.

However, for the rest of 2018, it will be full of events and community building as usual. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything we can do to help. And you can follow on Facebook our active projects for instant news at anytime
– InnoWork – tech hub and coworking space
– TechDrive – coding session for kids and adults
– InnoDrive – our NGO’s official page

Take care,
Monica, Managing Director, Co-Founder InnoWork
Ioana & Hermina, Community Leader, Co-Founder InnoWork
Gloobus team, Coworking space Main Partner
JCI team, Community Main Partner